Professional Stage Mic

Professional stage mic is especially used for the professional stage and performance in order to make sure the stable performance with clear sound quality. It adopts the scientific principle that it is transmitted from the vibration of the sound to the diaphragm of the microphone, and the magnet inside is pushed to form a varying current, so that the changed current is sent to the subsequent sound processing circuit for amplification.
It is made with high strength and superior quality that it is endurable with extended service life that it can be used over and over again. Made with delicate workmanship, it is of fashionable and modern appearance. It is smooth with no burrs, which is able to provide the comfortable using experience. Light in weight, it is portable with easy operation and convenient maintenance.
Produced with the strict standards and high-quality control, it is available to provide the wholesale service since our company is one of the reliable manufacturers and suppliers in China that you can buy the products with low price.